| Kevin Hsieh

5 Places in Your Office to Install Refillable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Hand sanitizer is almost everywhere these days. It is more popular than ever. It has been found to be an effective weapon against the deadly coronavirus. As per the CDC, one must clean hands with soaps or hand sanitizers that have at least 60% alcohol content. At places like an office, you need a refillable hand sanitizer dispenser that promotes touch-less sanitization. 

First things first, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic shouldn’t be the only reason to get a hand sanitizer dispenser. A 2016 report stated that an average employee’s typical desk could have 10 million bacteria, around 400 times more bacteria than on a toilet seat. Offices can boost employee wellness and improve productivity by providing hand sanitizers. 

In today’s coronavirus-affected world, keep your hands clean with a touch-free sanitizer dispenser.

What is a Refillable, Touch-free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

As the name suggests, it is a hand sanitizer dispenser that doesn’t require you to operate manually. In addition, it can be refilled to use again. Unlike traditional dispenser, a touch-free dispenser is safe and effective at places with a lot of foot traffic. 

Where to Install Refillable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

A sanitizer dispenser at a workplace is useful only when people use it. To encourage them, you need to put a refillable hand sanitizer dispenser in the right places. Here are they:

  • High Traffic Areas

  • These are places in your office building that experience more traffic than other areas. They are entry ways, reception, or restrooms. Ensure that you’ve an automatic sanitizer dispenser in these regions of your office. 

  • Entry and Exit

  • When employees come to the office, the first thing they need to do is to sanitize their hands. Keeping a dispenser at the entry and exit point makes people realize that they need to sanitize hands before entering or leaving office premises. 

  • Cafeteria or Break Rooms

  • These are some areas that see lots of foot traffic. By keeping an automatic, hands-free dispenser in the cafeteria and break rooms encourage people to sanitize their hands before touching anything. 

  • Meeting, Conference Rooms

  • A meeting room is a widely used area of an office that sees many people daily. Keep a refillable hand sanitizer dispenser at the conference room’s entrance to let people sanitize their hands before starting a meeting session. Workstations

    Employees spend the most part of their daily routine at their desks. You can install many hand sanitizer dispensers near workstations to encourage employees to sanitize their hands at regular intervals. If there are many workstations, put a sanitizer dispenser in the middle of a few desks. 

    To conclude

    A refillable hand sanitizer dispenser is a highly useful, effective, and inexpensive equipment to promote hand sanitization practices at work. If you are looking for high-quality sanitizer dispensers, come check out  Purlean Sanitizer dispenser. Browse your options and get the best refillable hand sanitizer dispenser for your workplace!