| Kevin Hsieh

Guide to Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

2020 came up with a tremendous change as pandemic has shaped the new laws & policies. The World Health Organization (WHO) highlighted the significance of hygiene & social distancing. Extended lockdown impacted the economic conditions around the globe. Hence, coronavirus has shown adverse effects on financial as well as health factors. 

As stores & businesses are opening, one needs to be more cautious—awareness campaigns on sanitization focus to prevent the deadly virus. The government is following the guidelines of WHO and installing automatic hand sanitizers station at public places. Touchless hand sanitizers dispensers avoid contact and deliver an additional level of protection to people.  

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Vs. Manual Dispenser

Over-time, new habits become a part of everyday life. Now people are conscious of  automatic hand sanitizer dispenser as they seek it as an excellent alternative to manual dispenser. A short glimpse of benefits:


The foremost feature of touchless sanitizer is enduring automatic experience. The IR sensors replace the requirement of a push button. Just keep your hands below the nozzle.


Unlike the manual dispensers, automatic dispenser is free of physical contact and easy to use.

Deliver a Standard Amount

Manual sanitizers release extra sanitizer at times. However, the new automatic sanitizers offer standardized doses, which result in minimum or no waste. 

Practical Yet Stylish

Modern auto-sanitizers have a stylish look that carries a high-end vibe. Installing designer contactless hand sanitizers dispenser offers a modern appeal and safety in the pandemic. 

Why Purlean Sanitizer Dispenser Worth Buying

For the past few years, Purlean ensures consistency by offering premium product delivered to customers. Our most recognizable “TF1 floor stand automatic refillable sanitizer dispenser” has won the hearts of customers. Let’s dig deep to know what makes our product stand out of the crowd:

Bold-Sleek Floor Stand with ADA Compliance

Our TF1 hand sanitizer machine has a steel floor stand that is appealing & prevents floor damages. Abide the Covid-19 guidelines and make your reception look superior with our adjustable height floor stand. 

Substantial Space Container 

A small space sanitizer container is frustrating as one needs to fill up frequently. Purlean TF1 automated sanitizer appliance has a remarkable sizeable container capacity (33oz) with a drip catcher. Therefore, no more hassle of the dirty floor. 

Expert-less Installation

Our touch-free designer sanitizer dispenser has an effortless installation; no expert requirement. Go through our visual- descriptive explanation and make your work easy—moreover, thumbs up to our 1-year warranty feature that favors customer’s issues, if any. 

Our specialized sanitizer station protects you day & night from the spread of the virus. Perhaps, suitable for any organization and public places. We ensure your safety as prevention is better than cure.