| Kevin Hsieh

Importance of hand sanitation

Washing your hands and sanitizing with antibacterial solutions are some of the most important things you can do to help prevent the spread of viruses. 

With Purlean TF1 Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser, keeping hands sanitized is easier than ever. 

The dispenser is battery-operated and dispenses gel or liquid sanitizer. It uses motion sensor to dispense sanitizer so you don’t have to touch a pump to release the solution. 

The dispenser is able to hold up to 33oz of sanitizing gel or soap and has an auto infrared sensor to detect when hands are below. 

You can move the touch-free device anywhere around your business that has high-traffic areas. It's very portable. With refillable container, you can pour any gel or liquid sanitizer. No more expensive pre-filled sanitizer cartridges.

Refill gallon sanitizer is also available for purchase from Purlean.