| Kevin Hsieh

Keep Your Hands Clean With Touch-free Sanitizer Dispenser

Since the world is undergoing the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of measures are present for controlling the impact of the virus or any other infectious diseases. A simple way for combating the regular flu season, a no-hand touchless sanitizer dispenser can benefit by minimizing the exposure of viruses in the desired facility. Lately, more and more businesses are sending employees back to work. Implementation of public safety strategies are essential at this point in time. Employees wish to feel comfortable by going back to the office, knowing that they have access to secure sanitization measures. Different safety guidelines have been recommended by government agencies like the practice of social distancing, disinfection of workspaces and public spaces, and washing hands. Hand sanitizer station is great for sanitation and effective for killing virus-like covid-19 when used with quality sanitizer solutions. A lot of businesses have been established where the designing and manufacturing of sanitization stands takes place. The ventures have started to offer proper access to sanitation to the employees in a specific facility. As per the alternatives of sanitization, a no-touch hand sanitizer gives lots of benefits to the public and also extends from the sanitation measures of Covid-19. 

Let’s check out the benefits of no-touch hand sanitizers!

Minimal Contact for Hand Sanitization- The “no-touch” elements give access only for minimal contact with the other surfaces and reduces the spreading of germs and viruses. Irrespective of traditional dispensers or a hand-washing no-touch sanitizing station eliminates the risk of needless touches with the use of motion sensors in spite of a button for delivering a powerful sanitization solution just by a hand movement. 

Effortless Accessibility- By positioning it on a floor stand or attaching it to a wall, no-touch hand sanitizer dispensers is a great way for the maintenance of hygiene control practices. It can be used at workspaces, rooms, or offices, or areas with higher traffic so that the employees do not skip frequent hand sanitation.