| Kevin Hsieh

Purlean Launching Advanced Refillable Sanitizer/Soap dispenser

Purlean Co Based in San Diego, California has launched TF1 automatic hands-free sanitizer/soap dispenser with 33oz refillable container.  It has been designed to meet ADA requirements for commercial and public use.  The dispenser can be installed easily on a wall or a floor stand. 

TF1 can be installed easily in the workplace, at school, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, entertainment venues and more. It comes with a 1-year warranty, and continues to receive positive reviews. 

The automatic touch free and battery operated (A/C power optional) sanitizer/soap Dispenser allows people to clean and sanitize their hands without any contact of surfaces which are vital with the Covid-19 virus. 

Using advanced infrared sensing technology, it will help more than 20,000 people sanitize and clean their hands with one battery change. It has a large dispensing tank that can store 33oz of sanitizer/soap solution. 

Keeping hands clean is a vital piece of health and safety requirement, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic. Purlean TF1 automatic touch-free hand sanitizer will do just that. Ideal for Corporate Offices, Stores, Public Restrooms, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants and Hotels, Manufacturing and Warehousing facilities, or any public places.

The new and modern design hand sanitizer dispenser with refillable container which is easy to operate will not just help to keep everyone safe, it will also provide a greener environment and help commercial outlets, schools, restaurants and hospitals to save money.  No more expensive one-time use containers from major dispenser suppliers.

Since being launched, it has gained positive reviews from major e commerce outlets.  It’s easy to use and operate.



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