| Kevin Hsieh

Top Benefits of No-Touch Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Whether you're looking to prevent the spread of the coronavirus or combat the everyday flu, hand sanitizer stations can be of great help if you are looking to keep these illnesses from developing in the long run.

Nowadays, as more and more businesses are opening up offices for returning employees to begin working from the office premises, the chances of contracting the virus are even higher. In the wake of this COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential for businesses to impose public safety strategies into their facilities. Employees will feel comfortable going back to an office space equipped with a hand sanitizer machine that automatically dispense sanitizer

There are also a number of advantages of using or no-touch hand sanitizer stand, as well as Purlean F1 automatic sanitizer dispensers. Here are some of the advantages of using them:

  • Minimal contact and enhanced sanitation - Because this hand sanitizer has a "no touch" feature, it eliminates contact with station surfaces, drastically reducing the spread of germs and viruses. Compared to traditional dispensers, the "no-touching station" eliminates unnecessary contact and uses motion sensors instead of a button deliver system, which is an overall more powerful yet convenient action. Any extra contact could potentially result in a transmission of COVID-19 within your facility. The Purlean TF1 automatic sanitizer helps eliminate this risk by not allowing any contact at all.
  • Easily accessible - Whether the station is on the counter or wall, these hand sanitizer dispensers automatically are more convenient for employees, enabling them to adopt hygienic practices from here on out. As an added bonus, you can place the hand sanitizer stations anywhere within the office- in the break rooms, canteens, medical rooms, The kitchen, or any high traffic areas. This will ensure that employees who skip handwashing may instead make the decision to visit the station.
  • Durability - Purlean’s hand sanitizer stations, both stand and wall-mounted ones, are specifically designed to be durable. They can meet the demands of the entire facility, as well as resist any scratches on their surface.
  • No-touch - Purlean dispenser have a touchless motion sensor technology that ensures employees don't need to touch the handles or potentially spread any germs infecting others. If you eventually choose to change out any other feature and part of the dispenses later, these hand sanitizer stations have different headers of non-touch dispensers you can chose from based on your needs and preferences. Any change in parts can be done smoothly with no contact.